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Save the Soca, save the rivers

The beginning of the season was actually quite loud. An action, actually a protest of some sort was made to keep our gorgeous environment at peace.

We all know how capital is leading our world and how we have to exploit all natural reassures to keep the life at movement. But what we don’t know is, that for what we want and need, there can be alternatives, which can keep our rivers intact. Project Balkan Rivers Tour is an answer to a dam craze Balkan is facing currently.

The initiators say, that the idea was born in the bar, where a lot of good ideas are made. But joke aside, they found out that the region is filled with ignorance about dam issue and not many people have the knowledge about why, when, where the dams are build and no knowledge about the consequences it brings. The project is about saving the last pristine Rivers in Europe. The people who love Rivers the most are united. They want to show the world how much they care about the flowing emerald secrets.

The project started in April this year in Slovenia, if we are more accurate, on the 16th and ended on May 20th in Albania. It encompassed 6 countries, 18 rivers and in 35 days it connected all of the outdoor freaks, enthusiasts and also nature and science. They travelled the Balkan to raise awareness and address dam politics and leaders in the field of hydro-energetics. The tour was led by Rok Rozman, former Olympic athlete in rowing, biologist, kayaker and so on. The basic aim is to reconnect people with nature. The Balkan Rivers Tour also took part in the Soča valley, paddling on the Soča river, Koritnica and Učja river, which is also a river exposed to dam building. Later on they went on the Balkan route and paddle rivers such as the Tara river, Vjosa, Sana, Neretva and so on. It was all about river conservation, which is an aspect which we all have to acknowledge.

“If you love a place, you have a duty to protect it” (Jeff Johnson, 2010).