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Physical and mental requirements

Our primary concern is participant safety. Keeping the following rules we can help you to get your comfort, and you can help us to maximize the safety and minimize the risk.The nature of an outdoor adventure involves some physical exertion and also possible exposure to weather conditions, like heat, sun, wind, rain. In some people the fact of weight, lack of conditioning, heart or other disease, can create additional hardship, that diminishes the suitability or enjoyment of the trip. We can better help you with these conditions, if you:
  • inform us if you have any kind of health problem, like asthma, epilepsy, diabetes…, if you are taking any medications

  • you are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs of any kind
  • Please note, that Soca Rider does not take pregnant women and people with serious health problems or injuries to the river

  • have to wear the safety gear (personal flotation device and helmet) along the trip

  • should fit into our Type XXL PFD - maximum chest size: 112 cm

  • The guide can any time stop the tour due to objective danger or some other reason that can compromise the safety of the trip

Reservation, Payment

Reservation can be made by phone, email, or booking application of our websites. After, you made your trip reservation, an initial deposit of 20% is required to secure your space. Deposits may be made by bank transfer. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if deposit payment is not collected by the due date. This deposit, due to our limited places is not refundable. Rest of payment may be paid by cash in our office before the trip.


Please notify us as soon as possible if you find it necessary to cancel your reservation. Because we lose the ability to sell reserved spaces to other individuals or groups, we strictly adhere to the following policies:

  • If we cancel a trip - Soca Rider rarely cancels a trip, but we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule due to water level fluctuations, insufficient reservations, or other factors beyond our control. If we cancel we will refund your fees in full, but we cannot reimburse your for other travel expenses you may have incurred. (Soca Rider trips run as scheduled even when it rains.)

  • If you cancel the trip, you will have full refunds for any reservation cancelled more than 21 days, but no refunds less than 21 days before activity date.

Gift card

Gift card


To access and navigate the site www.socarider.com, not require any registration or data entry, although it is necessary to leave some of your personal data, when you decide to registrate.
All information related to personal data, registrations and payments made are strictly confidential. We assure you that in no case and under no circumstances disclose your personal data to third parties outside of Reka 2010 doo.

This terms and conditions may be updated or changed by Soca Rider from time to time, without notice, and will be valid from the date of publication, so we recommend that you check it regularly.