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No rain for 4 mounth in Bovec

The team of Soca Rider arrived on Wednesday afternoon to Bovec, and with us the expected rain as well. After 4 mounths started to rain again, because there was not series precipitation during the winter in the Soca valley, the snow on Kanin was falling last year.

The springs became dry, the waterlevel of Soca was extremly low for a long term, and the Predel lake was incredibly almost empty. We had to walk 200 m to put our finger in to the water. The people started to worry, because few houses next to the villages stayed without water. Until you are not running out of the water for a while, it is hard to understand what a treasure is the WATER!

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At last on Wednesday serious clouds arrived to the Soca valley and started the serious rain for one and a half day and still we will have some rain on the weekend. The springs are alive, the Soca is full, it rised from 5 m3/sec up to 100 m3/sec and it was snowing on the Kanin.

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We hope we do not have to wait a lot for the next rain!