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Big water rafting Soca river Bovec

If you want a really „big” white water rafting experience, do not feel sorry about the rain! Be ready for huge waves, exciting rapids, hold your paddle hard! ;) If you were on the Soca river before, you will have such a feeling, that you are paddling on a different river!!! It is a big experience for everybody, even your raftguide will have a big smile!!!

The rafting season of 2011 started in an irregular way here in Bovec, Slovenia. Soca rafting is available now! Except for some smaller storms, we missed the springtime rains and the bigger snow melts, in this case we did not have the classical big waters in April and May. The nice weather still attracted the turists to the Soča valley, in April a lot of kayaker arrived to the campsites and to the  Socanriver, in May arrived the first people for rafting trips as well! Instead of the big water rafting, they paddled with low volume water, what is more characteristic for the mid-summer, 18-20 m3/sec.

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But when the sky started to be dark, the clowds are sitting in the valley hiding the sun for a few days, and starts raining and raining. Do not be fed up with the bad weather! By the whitewater paddling it does not matter, we have the water only from the waves, or from the sky as well, we will be wet anyway!!! Paddling in a raft or in a kayak on the misty Soca river is very beautifull too, mistery with the hidden rocks!

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After a few days of rain, when the caves of the karst fills up with water, the water level of the river starts rising too, much to the delight of everybody! The Big Water Paddling can start in raft or in kayak! If you were on the river before, you will not recognize it! Most of the rocks are under the water, the river becomes fast and technical. There will be big waves and drops exciting rapids! Who once has ever tasted the Big Water Rafting, will never forget, and on the next rafting trip will never mind if it is raining!