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Kayak adventure in the Sesia valley

Last week we jumped to our van and drived to Italy, to the Sesia valley. It is not so far from Milano, next to the Swiss border. It's a whitewater kayaking paradise, but perfect place for biking and hiking as well. The main river is the Sesia, and there are steep side creeks too. We had 3 days to discover the valley, we paddled different sections of the Sesia and the Egua river. We should go back next time, because we left there a lot of other rivers which are waiting for us!

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First day, although we were tired from the journey, we were sitting in the kayaks and paddled one of the upper section of Sesia, 10 kms finishing in Balmuccia. The last kilometer leaded in a beautifull canyon, where the big drops ending in pools. We were camped next to the river, in one of the rafting company’s base and slept well after the long day.

Next day morning we run 11 km of the Sesia from Balmuccia, very enjoyable Class 3 with waves, and some small drops. For the afternoon we wanted to paddle some more exciting part, so we drived up to the put in of Egua. Steep river with low water and with a lot of rocks. It was almost dark, when we finish paddling.

Third day we started on the easy part again playing more in the waves and eddies.

At mid day we went to Varallo to have a walk, to see the nice small town, after we went to paddle again. We chose the Sesia river above Piode. Continous rapids with more water and with one realy big rapid, where we run the chicken line. In this section there was a dam, but you shouldnt have to portage it, there where a beton tube, you could go throw the tube. It looked very fearful, but it was ok.

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The fourth day we should go back to Bovec, but our friends stayed in the valley, couse they attended the ValSesia Kayak Festival. We went for a short excursion, we had half day, before start driving back to Bovec.

We returned to Bovec with a lot of good experience and nice moments in our mind.