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Whitewater kayak trips with inflatable kayaks

Our NEW activity is whitewater kayak tour with inflatable kayaks. This kayak is very friendly to navigate. Once you are sitting on it, you are not closed with the sprayskirt in the kayak. You are just sitting on the top of the kayak and paddle there. But as in whitewater kayaking we always need a connection with the boat, we use a simple strep around the knee, so we have the connection with the kayak. It is very simple, and very user friendly.

As it is an inflatable kayak, it is not made out of the hard plastic material, which means, when you just hit a rock with your boat, you will not lose your balance. The bottom of the kayak is not totaly flat, it has a bit V shape, and that is the form, which can give you the real whitewater kayaking feeling. You can lean the boat, and that is why you can do the whitewater kayaking maneuvers.

These are the characters, why we found the inflatable kayak very friendly for beginner kayak trips and we started to use them.

If you are an advanced kayaker, but you are not 100 % sure you can run a more exciting section, you just sit in this forgivable kayak and have 100 % of fun.

And believe me, we know where to go!