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Whitewater kayaking on Idrija, Slovenia

The spring is always very early here in the Soca valley. The whitewater season started with 15 of March, and we have nice water level and warm weather for the last 2-3 weeks.

Last weekend we were expecting some rain, and one for our friend, Bojan Rušjan told, if we are lucky, we will have enough water to kayak down on Idrija river. It is a small creek on the border of Italy and Slovenia. Close to the Soca valley there are more creeks, possible to paddle only after rain, and one of this river is the Idrija.

Check Soca Rider whitewater kayak school, and whitewater kayak course, to develope your skill, that you can come with us with the next rain.

After raining all night, at 8 o'clock in the morning the water level was still very low, but with early afternoon, it was OK, so at half past two, we were driving to Idrija with Peter Krajcso, were we met Bojan. We had to walk down to the river, what was not so simple. Because of sleet in winter, there were a lot of trees fallen, so we had to miss the trail.

Our run was very nice. After 200 m kayaking on the river we started with our first 4 m high waterfall, running it blind. Bojan just told, go left, boof left!   After we had beautifull drops, with a lot of fun boof. The next 4 m waterfall we scouted but it was totaly clean. We had to continue down, but it is possible to walk back, and huck again.

We had three portages, all of them are waterfalls. One with a big undercut, one with a nasty hole, and a very ugly one. Our last waterfall was a double drop, but in the first one there was a big tree crossing, so we could paddle only the secund drop.

On the secund part of the river was not so steep, we had just big waves and holes. Our last kilometer of kayaking was quite in the dark.

I am waiting for the next rain!!!