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What to see around Bovec

The nature is beautiful around Bovec, in Soča valley. Don ' t miss these places!
Let us show you our favorite places, waterfalls, gorges, mountains... You can choose between short trips which takes only a few hours or longer, one day trips, or multi day tours. Here, you can find also some good tips to refresh yourself during the hot summer day.
Enjoy your days in the Soča valley!

Great Gorge (Velika Korita)

Longest gorge of Soča river. Start your walk from Lepena valley, upstream, on the left side of the riverbank of Soča, on a marked path and walk till the bridges.

Krn Lake

Biggest alpine lake in Slovenia. To reach the lake, start your walk from the end of the Lepena valley on a marked trail, it takes around 2,5 hours. Close to the lake there is a mountain hut.

Kozjak Waterfall

The most beautiful waterfall of the valley, what you can reach in 20 min walk. Start your walk from Kobarid, Camp Lazar, through the hanging bridge on the marked path.

Mount Mangart

You can reach the saddle (2000 m) by car. From here you can take an easy walk, or climb up to the top of Mangart on marked trails (via ferrata or normal trail).

Soča Trail

Amazing walking trail along Soča river. From the source of Soča till Bovec it is 20 km, around 5 hours walk. The trail goes through bridges, along gorges and waterfalls.

Predel Lake

Close to the Italian-Slovenian boarder, on the Italian side located this beautiful alpine lake which can be 20°C during the summer time. Cool down yourself in the Lake!

Slemenova Špica

Start your hike from the Vršič Pass on the marked trail which leads you first to a plateau, sometimes there are tiny lakes there. From here you can reach the top.

Napoleon Bridge at Nadiža

Between Kobarid and the Italian border you can find this beautiful stone bridge from the age of Napoleon, above Nadiža river. Nice place for having bath in summertime.

Virje Waterfall

With a short, easy walk you can reach this beautiful waterfall located close to Plužna village. If you are around, check also the source of Gljun.

Mount Svinjak

From the top of Svinjak (1653 m) you have an amazing view to Bovec and Soča valley.Start your hike from Kal-Koritnica village on the marked trail.

Boka Waterfall

The most powerful waterfall of Slovenia after some rains. Located only a few km-s from Bovec on the right side of the main road. With a 15 min walk you can reach a viewpoint.

7 lakes valley

One of the most beautiful trail which leads you to Mt. Triglav with 7 alpine lakes on the way. You can reach it also from Soča valley from Lepoč towards Prehodavci Mountain hut.

Soča river

Cool down yourself during the hot summer days in Soča river. Take part on a whitewater rafting or kayak tour or just refresh yourself. Good places: Čezsoča, Boka, Trnovo.

Kriški Podi

Amazing limestone plateau above Trenta in the Triglav National Park. From here you can reach the peaks in a few hours. Nice view, small alpine lakes, animals.

Mount Krn

Continue your hike from the Krn Lake up to the top of Mt. Krn (2244 m). On the trail there are several monuments from Word War I.

Vršič Pass

The highest pass of Slovenia, 1611 m. You can reach the pass by car and from here several mountain trail start to reach Pihavec, Mojstrovka, Jalovec...

Ajdovška Deklica

Check the "stone face" of a girl on the north side of Prisojnik. You can see it from the main road goes up to Vršič. There are many legends about the girl.